Sunday, 28 March 2010

Being Confident at Presentations

Giving a presentation is anything other than a stressful experience. Even the most experienced and accomplished presenter may be in a total state of panic in the lead up to his or her presentation.
However, there are certain fears that can block us from even preparing our presentation – and these can be dealt with by good preparation. Let’s look at them.

1.You get so nervous that your mouth goes completely dry.

2.You cannot think of a word to say. Your mind is completely blank.

3.The audience looks bored and people start conversations between themselves.

4.Your visual aids don’t work properly.

5.Members of the audience heckle during your presentation or are very aggressive during the questions

I think many presenters fear that one of these situations will arrive during their presentation. However, think back through the hundreds of presentations you have been to. How often have you seen one of these occur? Rarely, I imagine. Don’t let fear of these cloud your mind too much. But do take the preventative steps I have suggested.(Read the complete article thanks to Pearson Brown)

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