Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cutting down, Eating up

On BBC 6 minute English Jackie and Neil look at how the economic slowdown is affecting what we eat and talk about the language of money and economics.
This week's question: The word 'economy' comes from the Ancient Greek word, 'oikonomia'. What, literally, did the term 'oikonomia' mean? Was it:

a) the practice of making money and wealth move around
b) management of a household
c) saving as much money as possible

Vocabulary from the programme:

a recession= a period of significantly reduced economic activity
an economic slowdown / a slump in the economy= a time when the economy isn't doing very well (usually not as serious as a recession)
to cut down= to do less of something e.g. I want to cut down on smoking
‘recession beating’ companies= firms that aren't actually suffering from the recession
budget= low cost e.g. a budget airline, budget food retailers
to expand= to get bigger

Tapescript for reading after listening (click on the link at the beginning as I can't download the audio)

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