Tuesday, 26 January 2010

30th January Peace Day. Nobel Prize's Games

The Nobel Prize has been awarded to people and organizations every year since 1901, with a few exceptions such as during World War II. Alfred Nobel, the man behind the prize, invented dynamite and experimented in making synthetic rubber, leather and artificial silk. By the time of his death in 1896 he had acquired 355 patents. Play a game and find out about a Nobel Prize awarded discovery or work!

Play the Peace Doves Game!
Several people and organizations have received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to disarm nuclear weapons.

Play the Prisoners of War Game!
The Red Cross, three-time recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, protects and helps war victims worldwide and ensures that the rules of war are followed.

Where and When Did the Wars in the 20th Century Take Place?
You can also find out where in the world the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and nominees come from.

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