Friday, 9 March 2012

Yearbook Photos

Could you identify these celebrities from their Yearbook photo?

Imagine if you had to describe them from their appearance at that time... too hard task, isn't it?
Descriptions depend on the purpose we have.When we describe someone we can describe his or her appearance or personality.
When we ask 'What is she like'? This question asks about personality and can be answered with: ?
'She is outgoing and talkative.'
When we ask 'What does she look like?' This questions asks about appearance and can be answered:
'She is short, slim and she has big brown eyes.'
When we ask 'What does she like? This question asks about her tastes, likes and interests. It can be answered:
'She likes talking, reading and eating cheese.'

So if we want to describe someone's personality we can use adjectives from the list:

A- Active: she likes to play sport or do physical things.
B- Bright: she is intelligent.
C- Cunning: she uses her intelligence secretly/mysteriously to get what she wants.
D- Diligent: she is hardworking.
E- Extroverted: she is very outgoing. She likes to be the centre of attention.
F- Funny: she makes people laugh.
G- Generous: she likes to ‘give’ to help others.
H- Honest: she tells the truth.
I- Imaginative: she has a good imagination.
J- Jealous: (negative) she wants what other people have. She doesn’t like others to succeed
K- Kind: nice, gentle and helpful
L- Lazy: (negative) she doesn’t like to work or exercise. She’s happy doing nothing.
M- Moody: (negative) she often becomes angry and unfriendly because she is unhappy.
N- Naughty: (negative): usually for children) her behaviour is bad.
O- Optimistic: she is a positive person and positive about the future.
P- Pessimistic: she is a negative person. She thinks things will end badly. The opposite of optimistic.
Q- Quiet: she doesn’t say much. She prefers to listen.
R- Rude: (negative) she is not polite and she offends people.
S- Sensible: she has good common sense and judgment.
T- Thoughtful: she carefully thinks about other people and how to help them.
U- Upbeat: she is positive and in a good mood.
V- Violent: (negative) she will hurt you. She is aggressive…so be careful!
W- Wonderful: she is great!
X- Xenophobic: she dislikes people from foreign countries. She is racist.
Y- Youthful: she is young at heart.
Z- Zany: she is a little crazy, but in a fun way.

If you need to think about the way you feel, try this ing / ed test to practice and learn adjectives about feelings.

Now describe yourself filling this form:

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