Monday, 8 October 2012

Countries and Nationalities

The word 'Nationality' is not often used in spoken English. It is a formal and official word and it appears more frequently in written English. You will find the word 'Nationality' is used a lot in the travel industry and for immigration.

We almost never say: What is your nationality?
We usually say: Where are you from? OR Where do you come from?
To tell someone your nationality you DON'T say: My nationality is Spanish.
You say: I'm Spanish

As we are revising the names of counries and nationalities, here you can find a complete list of them.
But now let's play some games:

Game 1: Match the cards
Game 2: Complete the blanks

And if you want to print a poster with some popular nationalities and flags here you are, thanks to islcollective.


Aulas Particulares said...

Excuse me but it's completely wrong. You know that Australia isn't a continent right? The continent is called Oceania . And south and North America make just on continent , the America.

Begoña said...

I agree with you but as you can see these posters are not mine and i the second one where you found Australia, the title of it is Contintents, countries and nationalities that's why Mexico appears as one of the countries of South America, and Australia as member of the countries of Oceanía. I think that islcollective provides resources for students of English and we, as teachers, should explain the differences.

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Cornlia Nagisityn said...

It's not "wrong", it's just that there are different rules in different geography "schools". They don't all agree on the number of continents and which continents are which. Europe and Asia could be EURASIA...


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