Monday, 10 March 2014

Grammar Doubts?

You have just done a test about these two tenses: present simple or present continuous.
Do you want to express that something happens in general or that something is happening right now? Pay attention to the chart and try some exercises.
Simple Present
Present Progressive
in general (regularly, often, never)
Colin plays football every Tuesday.
present actions happening one after another
First Colin plays football, then he watches TV.
right now
Look! Colin is playing football now.
also for several actions happening at the same time
Colin is playing football and Anne is watching.
Signal words
§ always
§ every ...
§ often
§ normally
§ usually
§ sometimes
§ seldom
§ never
§ first
§ then
§   at the moment
§   at this moment
§   today
§   now
§   right now
§   Listen!
§   Look!
Note: The following verbs are usually only used in Simple Present:
be, have, hear, know, like, love, see, smell, think, want
Exercises on Simple Present and Present Progressive

Exercise 1
Exercise 2Exercise 3Exercise 4Exercise 5
Exercise 6Exercise 7Exercise 8
Exercise 9Exercise 10Exercise 11Exercise 12
Tests on Simple Present and Present Progressive
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