Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Learning with BBC News

Republicans against Guantanamo closure
Plastic found in Mars bars
Gorilla born at UK zoo

The republicans who control the US Congress have come outstrongly against President Obama’s latest plan to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba. The latest proposal would transfer some detainees overseas, others to prisons in the United States. The president has described keeping Guantanamo open as contrary to American values.
The US-based chocolate maker Mars says it’s recalling millions of chocolate bars from 55 countries because bits of plastic have been found in one of its products. In a statement the company said it sincerely apologised to its customers.
A gorilla has been born at a British zoo after a very rare emergencycaesarean. The operation was performed by a consultant from the local maternity hospital in Bristol when the mother became unwell.

have come out: have stated publicly, have declared
recalling (here): asking consumers to return a faulty product
caesarean: operation in which a baby is born by cutting open the mother's womb

Use one of the words or phrases from Lingohack to complete each of these sentences. Note that you may have to change the form of a word or phrase to complete the sentence correctly.

1. The local population __________ in support of the plans for a new park. 
2. The birth was delayed and the doctor decided that a __________ was the best option to save both mother and baby. 
3. German carmaker Volkswagen has been ordered by US regulators __________ half a million cars because of software that disguises emission levels.

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