Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Passive voice VI: an Example

When you enter this blog you usually pay attention to the posts, and that's ok; I write for you to read, but ...do you pay attention to the rest of resources you've got on both columns? Apart from 'This Day in History' section, you will find useful information about real facts and news on the 'In the News' section. Today you can compare the way Spanish newspapers and British programmes reflect this disaster, and at the same time have a look on the red expressions... they are well-known for you all, aren't they?

Arson Suspected in Australian Wildfires
More than 170 people have died in the wildfires sweeping through the Australian state of Victoria, and that number is expected to rise as officials press deeper into the disaster zone. Fires have also been reported in New South Wales and South Australia, but those blazes are said to be largely contained or burning away from residential areas. Bush fires are common in Australia, but these fires are being called the largest natural disaster in the country’s history. Several of the fires appear to have been lit deliberately, leading police to declare some incinerated towns crime scenes.
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