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Adjectives with preposition

There is no pattern to learn those adjectives with preposition, you only have to learn them as long as they appear but this list could help you

nice / kind / good / stupid / silly / intelligent / clever / sensible (1) / (im)polite rude (2) /unreasonable (3) OF someone (to do something)
Thank you it was very nice / kind of you to help me. It's stupid of her to go out without a coat.

nice / kind / good / (im)polite / rude / (un)pleasant (4) / (un)friendly / cruel TO someone
She has always been very nice / kind to me. Why are you so rude / unfriendly to Ann?

angry / furious (5) ABOUT something / WITH someone / FOR something
Why are you so angry about it? They were furious with me for not inviting them to my party.

pleased (6) / disappointed (7) / satisfied (8) WITH something
I was pleased with the present you gave me. Were you disappointed with your examination results?

bored / fed up (9) WITH something
You get bored / fed up with doing the same thing every day.

surprised (10) / shocked / amazed (11) / astonished (12) AT / BY something
Everyone was surprised by /at the news.

excited / worried / upset (13) ABOUT something
Are you excited about going on holiday next week?

afraid / scared (14) / frightened / terrified OF someone / something
Are you afraid of dogs?

proud / ashamed (15) OF someone / something
I'm not ashamed of what I did.

good / bad / excellent / brilliant / hopeless (16) AT (doing) something
I'm not very good at repairing things.

married TO someone (Linda is married to an American.)
sorry ABOUT something (I'm sorry about the noise last night.)
sorry FOR doing something (I'm sorry for shouting at you yesterday.)
be / feel sorry FOR someone (I feel sorry for George.)
famous FOR something (Florence is famous for its art treasures.)
responsible (17) FOR something (Who was responsible for this noise last night?)
interested IN something (Are you interested in art?)
fond (18) OF something / someone (Mary is fond of animals.)
full OF something (The letter was full of mistakes.)
short OF (19) something (I'm a bit short of money.)
keen ON (20) something (We stayed at home because Mary wasn't very keen on going out in the rain.)
similar TO (21) something (Your writing is similar to mine.)
crowded WITH (22) (people,...) (The city was crowded with tourists.)

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Describing Places

As you know the writing task in this unit is about how to describe a place using those adjectives you have learnt and paragraphs to divide the information from general to specific. From geografical features, climate or information of the place, city, country, then about special info about what we can see on the photo, and finally our personal info: how long we stayed there, what we can do, enjoy or visit in the place, or even our sensations there...

You can have a look on the writing guide at the end of the book and these photos to talk about.

Enjoy your description!

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