Friday, 17 September 2021

US Literal State Names

Surely you know some names reflect the family, the origin of a person or even some physical caracteristic in our language, Spanish, but what happens with the names of the places? Some stand for the story or the description of that place, to show you an example have a look on this map:


This infographic shares the literal translation of every state in the U.S. Some of these are less surprising: Michigan translates to Great Lake. The state of Washington simply means the Home of the First President.

Others are a bit more wordy. Arkansas, for example, is actually the Land of Downriver People. California is the Mythical Island Califia, and Wisconsin means River running Through a Red Place. One more for you: West Virginia is “West of the Country of the Virgin.” Try saying that three times fast.

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

How to FAIL B2 First (FCE) Speaking! (5 Biggest Mistakes!)

People fail the Cambridge B2 First speaking exam, and this is not always because of their language. Sometimes the difference between a pass and a fail is your b2 first exam technique. This video discusses the five biggest mistakes students make when taking the B2 First (FCE) Cambridge Speaking exam....and if this was useful for you, follow the channel Smash English.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021


 This is the first video this year, I hope you like it!

Ice Cream Lovers?

Do you like ice cream? Although summer time has finished, 
let's learn how to make some at home in less than a minute.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Bilingual Brain

If you wonder why some people have an easier way with languages than others, this graphic shows you a big reason why. 

If a person is exposed to a second language during his or her earlier development, that knowledge will find its space in both brain's hemispheres. However, people who tried to learn their second language at a later age (after the age of 15 or so) only register that knowledge in one brain hemisphere.

So we are quite lucky as we all enjoy two mater tongues, Galician and Spanish, so don't be worried about your goals when learning English, if you listen and practise my videos, you will get to the words naturally.

So keep trying!


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