Saturday, 30 June 2012

Treasure Island

Surely you know this well-known story but thanks to BBC you'd like to listen and read it again during summer, if so entre this page to follow the rest of the chapters... and enjoy holidays!!! (Subtitles are available)

Jim Hawkins lives and works at the Admiral Benbow inn near Bristol. His life is dull and Jim dreams of adventure. Then one day his life changes... An old sailor called Billy Bones arrives at the Admiral Benbow asking for lodgings. He asks Jim to keep his eyes open for another sailor with one leg. Over the next few weeks Billy Bones has two visitors - one of whom hands him 'the black spot'. The effect of this pirate curse is almost immediate and Billy Bones falls to the ground, dead. Jim and his mother search through Billy Bones' possessions. They find an old map in a chest...but before they have time to examine it closely the pirates attack...


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