Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Year

This year some of my favourite students have just entered university, so this year we'll try new things for lower lewels.


Antonio Leal said...

I have such good memories from my years back at High School! I was looking for a specific exercise, which I remember from my senior year at High School, and that quote just made my day! (This year some of my favourite students have just entered university) I'm the English teacher now in Germany and I really find your blog extremely helpful. Thank you, Begoña, for being so commited and passionate with your students all over these years, so that we can keep on taking profit even almost five years after leaving school!
Antonio Leal

Begoña said...

Thanks for your words, please visit us if you come some holidays back home, if not let me know about you.
It is so great to see that you have survived this terrible crisis with a job somewhere!

I always remmeber you on your birthday, you know why.



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