Friday, 24 February 2012

Doubts with Present perfect?

English Exercises: PRESENT PERFECT
Complete the gaps with the present perfect:


1.    Tim  a big hamburger.  
2.  The kids    their birtday. 
 3.  Tim  his wallet.           
4. Kate   on make up.
5. Jack  the work.              
6. Paul  Ann flowers.
7.John and Pat   the church.   
8. Peter  two glasses of wine.
9.  Susan    dinner fo her kids. 
10. They  a beautiful song.
11.  Jill   to the playground.           
12. The boys  a concert.
 13.  Peter   a new picture.       
14.Tim  the saxophone.
15. Andrew  a birthday present.        
16. Peter  a new girl.
 17Tina  lot`s of pills.                      
18.  Ann  a new car.
 19.  Mother Goose   the book.   
20.  The cat  a small mouse.


Thanks to Rosario Pacheco in English Exercises

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