Monday, 1 October 2012

Urban Dictionary

Last week, talking about urban tribes we found this espression 'indie scenester', we didn't know how to translate it, but now we can solve our doubts in this web page. Have a look on it and find out other tribes.

Indie Scenester is someone who is a mix between the following:
Typical Indie Kid:
-likes V necks
-shops at american apparel and thrift stores
-wide vocabulary
-skinny jeans
-thick glasses
-long bangs that are side swept
-try to be original

Scene Kid;
-teased hair in bright colours
-likes to be CRAZY!
-says things like "niggah" "thnxkaibai" and "Rawr!"
-likes kiddy things like hello kitty,dinosaurs robots
-Dark makeup and false lashes
-bright and fun

Indie Sceneter (can be any mix but here's an example)
-wears v-necks
-likes screamo but NOT indie music
-loves hello kitty
-HATES teasing there hair.

you may find indie scenesters that love some scene things and hate others and that love some indie things and hate depends

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